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December 23, 2008 ♥
Lucid Dreaming ♥ 6:33 AM

Minna san...Hewo.. so today i was thinking about my dreams..Forever I've been trying to make yamapi come in my dream the past days. Well, it's not that i never had dreams with him but just not that perfect one yet! But i doubt myself to much so in my dream he doesn't appear. Or i just see him on my laptop screen!! TT.TT wahs up with that?!! anyway.. so i looked up ways to control your dreams properly. and found~~ *drum roll* Lucid Dreaming! It is the most lovely thing to experience so i hear~ i found soooo many ways to master it, know when I'm dreaming, and how to use Lucid dreaming to beat my crazy nightmares~ so when i go to sleep soon.. =.= i will test it out! i feel I'm a little unsure of myself which is not good! In order to make it work i have to think positive!And remember I'm in control and nothing can hurt me...hm. I think I'll wait awhile and just get myself in a good/calm mood before i start doing it. I recommend it to anyone~~ And when i do make progress I'll tell u how it went~! don't know if I'll be able to master it tonight of course~! hehe okay~
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