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March 18, 2010 ♥
めんどうくさい。。。 ♥ 12:05 AM

Minna san~
*sigh* I want to talk about something that just annoyed me.. I just need to vent a little ^^;;
Well having a blog.. I should be ready for anyone to be reading it right? Hmm.. so yeah I got yelled at for the whole comment about Anime Boston and so on~ Bleh wah ever! I mean edited it out now.. But still I'm sitting relaxed and then all of a sudden my brother calls about what I wrote? Like seriously mind your business! I know I put it up here.. But if he had a problem he could of came to me and told me to remove it and why.. I don't understand it.

All venting aside.. before I get yelled at for this o_o;
I found some really awesome sites to study my japanese with.. it's been amazingly helpful ^o^; SharedTalk and Smart.fm I've been using a lot now~ I really love them<3

Smart.fm is pretty genius.. I mean the games are so helpful and fun~! It really helps you to memorize so many words/phrases/kanji/etc~ Every time I look at it.. I'm like "Why am I not paying for this?" seriously.. In my opinion, the games really look and sound great and I've gotten so much information from them. So I do recommend it. SharedTalk is a site I've known for a long time now but I recently just got back into it. I've met so many people off of it and I use it as my Skype buddy ^^ I can talk to Japanese people who want to exchange languages, get their Skype id, and have helpful conversations with them~ I find it better when I can practice conversations vocally. Also I can make new friends~ hehe<3
Ja Bai Bai!!

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