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February 22, 2010 ♥
Don't judge me... ♥ 2:20 AM

Minna san~! Genki??

So desu ne.. Well I just recently found out that one of my favorite manga's were turned into an anime. It's called "Kimi ni Todoke" (Reaching You) The anime is so great<33 I can see it's going to be taking up most of my time~ besides studying japanese. =w= I mean recently I've been a study whore making sure I fit study time in and downloading useful worksheets and audios O-O;

But anyway this anime really makes me sit back and think.. Stereotyping and such are just totally out of hand.. not only that but people are always so quick to judge.. Now let me not be a hypocrite here because I do admit I have judged someone before by the people who surround them. For example if the person is with a group of people who are loud, cursing, and causing trouble I'll assume I know what type of person they are and it would be a type I don't like. But the point is I do notice that judging people is wrong and can lead to many misunderstandings.. In Kimi ni Todoke, Sawako is a girl who is misunderstood by her class mates.. as she may come off a little creepy with her appearance ( the usual long black hair kind of covering the face japanese horror type look) Instead of Sawako they call her SaDAko which is the name of the girl from the ring... they make up rumors like if you stare into her eye's more then 3 seconds you'll get cursed and such.. I mean come on~! lmao and she's the sweetest girl too ^^; the anime is adorable.. I really don't know how much I should explain just in case someone hasn't seen it and is interested. But It is a must see/must read anime/manga in my book~ hohoho.. definitely those who like romance comedys like me.

kimi ni todoke

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