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October 21, 2010 ♥
Shopping online!! ♥ 1:42 PM

みんなさん!HiHi~! 久しぶりですね。ごめんねみんなでも私はちょといそがし|> <;|
Ok so, a lot has happened lately. I used some of my b-day money to get a few things online. Since I've been really serious about my japanese language study, I ordered a few things to help me.

A Kanji practice writing book, it has boxes to write the kanji's in.
I also got a Japanese Ink pen for the kanji and it looks really kool when you write with it~! I'm still not used to it though. So excuse my sloppy writing.. I really love the stickers they put in the book. スパーかわいいね~

This is a random picture I drew with the pen. I like it.

Then *drum roll* I ordered Tadashii Kanji Kakitori-kun. This is a DS game that helps with writing a kanji in the proper stroke order, being able to read it..etc and you get graded as if it was your own little private pocket class. I've been wanting this for a while now.. yay! hehe

of course.. I'm writing Kyo's name |<#<|

Then I ordered some makeup. Yesh.. |=w=|/) I did.. I got an 88 Matte Eyeshadow Pallete. Which I feel was a smart choice because you get (88) different colors for $18.95, I believe.. And it's better then individually buying shadows that are $5.50 each.. a lot of the times they're more than that so.. |>.>| yeah.

It has so many beautiful colors!!

Then I got 2 Casuelle Lip glosses, Clear Casuelle mascara and Suki brown toned loose powder. The Powder is very shimmery! I didn't know it was going to have sparkles but it might look really nice ne~? |O3o|

And then... I ordered myself some Curls Gel-Les'C from curls.biz... My hair is naturally curly so I need to find some good products to help my hair become more moisturized and I really want to define my curls. So I'm on the search for the right products that work well for my hair. I was really impressed when I saw how many samples were thrown into my box!! And they are in these kool capsules that look small but they actually last pretty long |O_O| Or maybe its just me?

Ok, that's it for today~
じゃまた会いましょう!バイバイ |-w-|/)

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