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July 18, 2010 ♥
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Well, I've been practicing A LOT of guitar this summer. Since I haven't been able to take any classes.. I ended up just teaching myself to play along with my fave songs. I've been getting better at it!! But it just hurts (\(-m-;;| Both hands get sore because I lost my picks and I just pluck along with my fingers instead now... I found something close enough to a pick but I got so used to plucking that I just tossed it aside (>w<)

Anyway oh I remember one of the last things I was talking about.. I was saying dir en grey was coming for a signing and such. Yeah.. there wasn't a signing.. It was just the U.S release date... =m= facebook shouldn't of did that invitation crap thing. They made a lot of people confused.. I'm obviously guilty hehe. But now I'm positive that they are coming and this time it's not just a "signing" it's a F---in' concert!! (@w@) im so excited! Because I actually thought I'd have to wait till Nov. to see them again. But they are coming next month!! I have to be there... so I hope everything works out. Btw I know I haven't writtien lately.. A lot of things on my mind and also just trying to keep myself busy with things. I guess to shut away those bad thoughts, you know.
Oh right! I'm not sure if I told you guys this yet but~ I made a Yaplog~ for those who don't know, thats a Japanese blog site. Gaaah I need to post on that too.. I also need to go to sleep lmao here's the link to my page --------> http://yaplog.jp/roozu_ai69/

じゃ、また会いましょう *waves* bai bai

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