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April 13, 2010 ♥
ただいま~!(^^) ♥ 11:54 PM

Minna san~!
I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while but..
I actually did write a whole niice post.. then when I clicked (post) it gave me an error message and erased most of my work. Ugh, that pissed me off so I just gave up. But nows I've been encouraged to write again!
Oh~ I got back from Boston, Monday the 5th, and I must say it was MORE then amazing. I am really happy I went to that Anime Con. Lets see~ there was the performance by the Video Game Orchestra.. which made me and my friend cry like little babies. I mean it was seriously too beautiful and perfect. Defintely hearing Dearly Beloved (Kingdom hearts) live... then folowed by passion, simple and clean, and the Final fantasy music... then even meeting the composer of final fantasy music himself.. gaah just too much!! Then there was the RAVE. Which was much mooore then I expected. I stayed till it ended which was around 2:00-2:30am. After that there was the concert for MYM chan~ Opening for her was Renie(raini?), gaaah~ she was sooo cute. O#O B-but anyway MYM's performance was so delicious. After about 3 songs in everyone was going crazy for her and screaming "I Love You" and she smiled and started to cry. We cheered louder but the more we cheered the more she cried. She even tried speaking to us in broken english hehe like "You guyz frukin rawk~!" so cuute and " I am so happy berry much" *snuggles her* at the end she couldn't stop crying and said " this I will never forget" TTwTT i loved that.. But when she left the stage I could still see her on the side crying and smiling.. so i yelled "MYM ちゃんがすごい~!" (MYM is amazing~!) and she dropped to her knees and cried harder.. I was so worried that I made things worse. But then I forgot that I made her happier because she was crying tears of joy~ She was so sweet and I will support her.
Oh! and when I was buying some stuff I was so surprised when I found a poster of Kyo~!! of course I got it... *loves*
Ja Bai Bai!!

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