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February 20, 2010 ♥
A whole in my house? ♥ 10:50 PM

Minna san~ genki?!
Well.. I've been kinda of wondering if spring is coming or not? O-o;
I mean finally getting a lot of snow to complete X-mas was perfect..
But December is long gone and we had blizzards and it looks like winter wonderland o..o;;
But surely but slowly it'll melt.. >.> I guess I'm thinking about the spring so much because in April I'm going to an Anime Con with my friends. I'm to cosplay as Tifa Lockhart <3 from final fantasy and I am also going to be a little lolita girl ^^ ; hehe
I'm a little stressed about that.. I mean It's not up to me.. It's up to my mom.. I'm not the one with the money you know...? So I have to wait on her.. and my mother's the type of person that will just wait on something until last minute.. and this type of event has to be planned out earlier.. like the fact that I don't have my costumes yet~! > < I mean yes I am happy that I'm going but.. where am I going with no costume to cosplay with? I don't know.. but I need to keep stressing the importance of "now" and finally..
I'm also going crazy because I think my house has a whole or something~!! Lately I've been having the worst urges to draw.. But I can't because I can't find my tablet anywhere @-@
And I could draw by hand but I've drawn so much that have no more drawing supplies left.. I would like to go get more but as usual I asked my mom to help with that so.. it'll take awhile of course.. But the answer to that would be get a freaking job!!! but I have social anxiety and thats not good if I have work with people ne?

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