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June 8, 2010 ♥
日本の日 ♥ 2:05 AM

I went to
Japan Day, Sunday. It was really delicious~!
So many great performances. A favorite of mine was by GRAMM aka VY, while a awesome fashion show went on. It made me look up their music. I really liked the guitarist ^-^ and Moa chan is cute too hehe. I wish Japan Day never ended!! It was a really nice event and I would love to go again. What was really kool was that I randomly got asked for pictures. The first one.. I was like.. "Me? O_O;" hehe and the second time I was really flattered. Also getting lost with my brother and his friends was pretty crazy lmao. We ran for a bus that actually ended up taking us the total opposite direction -w-.. We made so many mistakes but luckily we had the "all day fun day pass" or something like that? Oh and I saw this guy that I saw before some where but I can't remember.. He's kinda cute o.o.. and I was staring at him. But he caught me staring.. twice O#o I was really embaressed. On top of that my bro was trying to push me towards him... gaah~ meanie. I know he wants me to speak up for once. But the dude was gorgeous.. he couldn't of been single -m- lmao plus by the look he gave me after he caught me.. I'd totally be rejected.. but my bro's friends seemed to disagree with me on that.. Oh weird.. I just remembered.. I had a dream of it.. That's where I saw him. Maybe I should of said something.
Before he disappeared..

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