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May 1, 2010 ♥
I hope I'm not Sick ♥ 11:06 AM

Minna san~ ひさしぶりね~
I changed my Blog today~!! Yay~ It looks sooo delicious >W<
I love it! It took me a while though... to figure out how the hell to get everything right.. So yeah.. I ended up using Youtube to help spell it out to me.. YESH I watched a tutorial. But hey, atleast I go it now~ I found out that I needed to revert it back to classic mode or something... hmm

Anyway, I've been drawing a lot lately.. My drawings have been coming out really niicely. But I still want to get better =w= I'm such a perfectionist and I know it. It's crazy though, I started to notice that my art is becoming more darker and have an excuse to have blood in it (sometimes.. hehe i like blood) I don't know why but dark art interests me and it doesn't make me down or depressed at all. I could be eating an icy and laughing my @$$ of at "Mighty B" (yesh.. I watch that show.. its funny) while drawing dark art ^^ Hm.. for example stuff like Coraline, Nine, The Night Before X-mas, Invader Zim, and Courage the Cowardly Dog are types of dark art.. or dark comedy. I like it!

I'm a little worried. My health has gotten better and I was happy because I need to make sure my voice was ready when I go for voice lessons. But now as I'm getting close to a voice lesson class (date) my throat is killing me. (today) I really hope that it's just a sore throat because I can't get sick AGAIN.. I think I'll make some tea~ Yum (^-^) hehe

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