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January 15, 2011 ♥
WOAH! ♥ 5:14 PM

So~ I turned in my recordings for the first episode and I feel pretty good about it.
I don't feel so anxious anymore. Plus I guess it was from all the encouragement and kind words I got from my boss, hehe. |-w-|
Also, I'm so excited to be getting so many things in the mail soon~ But they are taking so flippin' long! |OAo| it's not fair... I know snail mail is slow but seriously.. hehe anyway I'm waiting for my penpal's first "snail mail" letter, a package from one of my friends (CD from Japan) , and the new single for Dir en grey called "Lotus". I got the Limited edition of course because I wanted the DVD too. I'm tierd of going on youtube and only hearing 16 second previews of Lotus.. AND the "Warsaw no Gensou" cover is sickly delicious |oAo| I love it! Actually, I'm listening to it now. I have a feeling it will sound AMAZING live. (like the rest of their songs lmao)

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