` No ripping! ?
February 27, 2010 ♥
びっくりしました ( I was surprised ) ♥ 5:41 AM

Oi~ Minna san! ^o^ genki?
Ahhh.. it seems I was wrong about the snow clearing up and letting Spring take the stage. We had another snow storm and it pilled up pretty high~ Forcing people to stay home.
(hehe) But I had it really rough yesterday.. not only did I wake up not feeling well but mentally I had a break down and really bad chest pains > <; I just wasn't well that day. But then everything changed O-o After I got some sleep, (when I'm down I just wanna sleep all day) I went on Youtube and got a interesting message~ It really highlighted my day! It was from someone who had found my blog and she saw that we had a lot in common and was really interested in becoming friends.. To be honest I thought no one was really reading my blog lmao =w=; But it just shows me not to be so negative all the time.
-Ja bai bai----

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