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June 17, 2011 ♥
It's been a looong break ♥ 11:37 PM

It's been too loong of a break from my blog...
And now I miss it.. So I'm back and with a vlog from when
my PC screen was broken and all I could do was make video's, study Japanese, and play hehe. Ok so now I'm going to have to get back into making Blogs.. which I will hehe |>W<|

OH, here's some pictures of the makeup I had in this video~

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January 27, 2011 ♥
My First Penpal! ♥ 12:51 PM

Yay~ みんなさん!うれしいです!
I received my penpal's package yesterday~
It's so amazing! She's so awesome |>w<|
She is from South Korea and I hope we stay friends forever~
Ok so here's my package~
I was so happy to find all this stuff inside~
There's her letter/some korean posters inside it, a beautiful Traditional Korean New years day card, and some choco pies~ Yummy |^-^| 맛있어요~ There were 2 more but my bro ate one with me. But what I love the most is The letter filled with love! Hehe it seriously is.. I can see how much time she put into it..

She even drew Kyo |^ㅠ^|<3

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January 26, 2011 ♥
うれしい~Lotus is Here!! ♥ 1:52 PM

今寒いです。|> <|
The snow just keeps coming down~ It hasn't snowed like THIS
before... jeez and it won't stop. The snow is beautiful of course.
But it's just showing us how weird our climate is. It's changing because
of what we're doing to the world I think.. It's snowing now as I write this but
I took a picture of my backyard.

So anyways~ I got The NEW Single "Lotus" by Dir en grey! Which actually comes out today~
2011-1-26. I pre-ordered the Limited edition and got it on Monday (24th). I got it off CD Japan..
Which I absolutely recommend~ They had emailed me on the 23rd around 10pm saying they shipped it.. But I had no idea it was going to be in my mail box the next day!! They even threw in a gorgeous Lotus poster that practically had me fangirling over its beauty.. hehe

I must admit this single absolutely teases me hehe.. The DvD was lovely and it contains 3 amazing lives that seem to go too fast hehe.. I thought the PV would be on it but of course.. no it wasn't. I had to wait to see it like everyone else.. But luckily today I looked on youtube around 12am-ish and found the Full "Lotus" PV and OHMYK.. it's so flipping beautiful.. I LOVE Lotus. It seems the more I hear it and see it the more I fall in love with it. I think they all look so epic with their new looks too. Die's hair is pretty much tickling his tummy now |^-^|
A few people actually started to "bish" a bit about Kyo's hair cut.. But really? come on.. that's not even what its about. The song is amazing with deep meaning.. I also read the translation for the song that comes on the cd case... so beautiful.. I mean either you like the song or you don't. Of course Kyo has sexy luscious hair~ that flipped beautifully as he head banged. |-w-| But even though he cut it... He still looks absolutely sexy.. And he's still the same Kyo we love.. who's hair can easily grow back if he wanted it to. Anywho~.. I really love the whole PV but for some reason at the end where the lotus is dancing over the band like that and Kyo's voice in harmony with the beautiful melody.. ahhh it just made my eyes water up a bit to be honest. (getting too mushy..sorry)
Ok anyway~ I totally recommend CD Japan! They are amazing hehe..
Bai bai~

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January 15, 2011 ♥
WOAH! ♥ 5:14 PM

So~ I turned in my recordings for the first episode and I feel pretty good about it.
I don't feel so anxious anymore. Plus I guess it was from all the encouragement and kind words I got from my boss, hehe. |-w-|
Also, I'm so excited to be getting so many things in the mail soon~ But they are taking so flippin' long! |OAo| it's not fair... I know snail mail is slow but seriously.. hehe anyway I'm waiting for my penpal's first "snail mail" letter, a package from one of my friends (CD from Japan) , and the new single for Dir en grey called "Lotus". I got the Limited edition of course because I wanted the DVD too. I'm tierd of going on youtube and only hearing 16 second previews of Lotus.. AND the "Warsaw no Gensou" cover is sickly delicious |oAo| I love it! Actually, I'm listening to it now. I have a feeling it will sound AMAZING live. (like the rest of their songs lmao)

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January 11, 2011 ♥
The Year of the Rabbit ♥ 11:29 AM

This year has just started and I can already see change making it's way.
I've also already met some really nice people who could be the sign of some new great friendships... and I also lost a few friends. But in this case it was an eye opener.
But this year is looking like it will be a better one I hope..|=w=|
My hair has been looking its healthiest lately~ fuller and longer. Which I think is a nice start for the year.. I was even able to by a bunch of nice colored nail polishes like I've always wanted and had a go at deco-ing my nail's. With my unstable shakey hands it of course came out just a little more sloppier then I wanted but.. it still looks really good for the first time |^-^| *proud*

They are tiger printed with one nail coated fully with the color i used for the tiger stripes and a star in the middle.. Owo i added a lil diamond but it mad it look like a flower |>w<| oh well...

OH~ I also just checked my email and I got the part for this anime character I tried out for. Well to do a voice over.. O_O;; I can't believe it but I got it.. so now I'm going to have to be really dedicated ne~? *excited* I'll probably have to work on keeping my voice safe? lmao or something and drink tea and water |^^;| がんばってます!

So much happening this year~

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December 25, 2010 ♥
Merry Christmas!! ♥ 8:59 PM

Vlog 2

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October 21, 2010 ♥
Shopping online!! ♥ 1:42 PM

みんなさん!HiHi~! 久しぶりですね。ごめんねみんなでも私はちょといそがし|> <;|
Ok so, a lot has happened lately. I used some of my b-day money to get a few things online. Since I've been really serious about my japanese language study, I ordered a few things to help me.

A Kanji practice writing book, it has boxes to write the kanji's in.
I also got a Japanese Ink pen for the kanji and it looks really kool when you write with it~! I'm still not used to it though. So excuse my sloppy writing.. I really love the stickers they put in the book. スパーかわいいね~

This is a random picture I drew with the pen. I like it.

Then *drum roll* I ordered Tadashii Kanji Kakitori-kun. This is a DS game that helps with writing a kanji in the proper stroke order, being able to read it..etc and you get graded as if it was your own little private pocket class. I've been wanting this for a while now.. yay! hehe

of course.. I'm writing Kyo's name |<#<|

Then I ordered some makeup. Yesh.. |=w=|/) I did.. I got an 88 Matte Eyeshadow Pallete. Which I feel was a smart choice because you get (88) different colors for $18.95, I believe.. And it's better then individually buying shadows that are $5.50 each.. a lot of the times they're more than that so.. |>.>| yeah.

It has so many beautiful colors!!

Then I got 2 Casuelle Lip glosses, Clear Casuelle mascara and Suki brown toned loose powder. The Powder is very shimmery! I didn't know it was going to have sparkles but it might look really nice ne~? |O3o|

And then... I ordered myself some Curls Gel-Les'C from curls.biz... My hair is naturally curly so I need to find some good products to help my hair become more moisturized and I really want to define my curls. So I'm on the search for the right products that work well for my hair. I was really impressed when I saw how many samples were thrown into my box!! And they are in these kool capsules that look small but they actually last pretty long |O_O| Or maybe its just me?

Ok, that's it for today~
じゃまた会いましょう!バイバイ |-w-|/)

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